Oasis 47

Designation 6:45 and Donniker

camels desert

Oasis 47 is a diverse community of goldsmiths, massage therapists, sailors, travelers, fire spinners and engineers.

Our mission is education, relaxation and a resting place for weary travelers on their journey visiting the playa. We welcome all who require a cold beverage to quench parched throats, a chair to rest weary legs and those who seek shade from the desert heat. Oasis 47 is a place of refuge to regenerate one’s soul to continue their trek to other magical places on the playa.

Offerings at Oasis 47

The Oasis 47 Pendant Project

This has been the focus of our camp since 2006. Visitors embellish a unique one of kind, theme related bronze pendant using two part resin, with spices and exotic pigments from the earth of Italy or ashes from a loved one.

Karen Burmese Massage

The subtle and mysterious art of Karen Burmese Massage is a unique offering unlike any other bodywork on the Playa. It is a practice more than 1700 years old, and embraces the intuitive sensibility of the healing arts.

EL Wire Clinic

We keep you glowing in the darkness of the playa! Bring your broken EL wire fantasy and have it mended to get you back into flashing behavior

Bike Clinic

If you have broken pedals, flat tires, screeching brakes or wobbly wheels, our bike patcher will get you rolling through the dunes in no time.