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Brass pendant on chain with enamel design: large V in light blue on red and blue circular background

Now Available!


The Vaccine Victory Pendant, about the size of a quarter, the pin is made of cloisonne enamel and 24K plated gold. Each design element - from the gold framing, to its geometry, down to the color choices of the enamel – were carefully selected through investigation of color psychology, virus structure, and the new visual vocabulary of the pandemic.


Symbols of hope— the WWII V for Victory, or the Vietnam era’s dove of peace—can be powerful talismans against dark times. Jeweler Karen Christians and graphic designer Liz LaManche have teamed up to create a new symbol for the Covid era: the Vaccine Victory Pin. Now available as a pendant, wear this necklace with pride to express your faith in science, your support for Covid vaccination, and your appreciation for the frontline workers doing battle with the coronavirus every day.


You order comes with two large stickers, 3 mask stickers, and an embroidered patch. 


If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing an original Vaccine Victory Pin package where 20-30% of profits will be donated to 5 charity organizations that are meaningful to us, please visit

Vaccine Victory Necklace

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