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Lessons for all

A teenage boy smiling and holding a ring he made


Ages 12-17

No experience required

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of jewelry making. In this 6-hour workshop, students will learn basic jewelry skills such as soldering, stone setting, and be educated on overall studio and equipment safety, in an inspiring and safe studio space.



Jeweler Karen Christians demonstrating a soldering setup


Ages 18+

No experience required

Materials included!

Students will learn basic jewelry skills in silver such as soldering, stone setting, and overall studio and equipment safety.

Buy a 3 or 6 hr individual session, or inquire about custom sessions. 




A man learning to use jewelers tools in a studio


Ages 18+ (unless approved)

Basic jewelry experience required

Looking to fine tune a technique under your jewelry making belt? Are you simply seeking an equipped studio space to feel motivated and receive professional guidance along the way? Try a guided 3-6 hour Advanced Class with me.




Workshops by Subject

Soldering Bootcamp
2 to 5 Days

Good soldering techniques are the foundation of jewelry and holloware fabrication. Understanding how metals heat and how to make accurate, well-fitting joints are the real secrets of successful soldering. Information on different gasses, i.e., propane, acetylene, MAPP, natural gas, and studio setup concerns.


We will cover the basics of “T” joints, butt joints, curved joints, connections, and cleanup. We will also learn about sweat soldering, fussy fitting for the best relationship, and soldering small jump rings to larger cast pieces. In workshops from 3-5 days, sterling silver, Argentium and gold are introduced. 

Students will learn several styles of soldering, such as pick style for precision, stick soldering for larger pieces, and chip soldering.  Students are encouraged to bring any soldering failures or challenges to class.

Material fee $75, payable to instructor.

Students must have soldering basics to get the most out of this class.

Resin Inlay
2 Day Workshop

Add color to your work! You can create textures, colors, and patterns without relying on high-fired enamels. Using epoxy resin, you can add wood, bone, paint pigments, and sand. Raid your kitchen cabinet for spices like turmeric and oregano. We will fabricate jewelry based on cloisonné techniques with sterling silver wire, sheet, and tubing.


You will build a palette of striking colors and textures to build your pieces. Some soldering knowledge is helpful but not necessary.  


The materials kit is $60 and is payable to the instructor at the workshop. It includes sterling silver wire, sheet, tubing, findings, pre-cast pieces, epoxy resin, sandpaper, solder, and copper sheets for your projects.

resin inlay beads 300dpi.jpg

Picture This:
Photo Etching Metal

2 Day Workshop

This unique and exciting workshop explores metal surface embellishment using current photocopy technology. This process involves a heat transfer of virtually any high-contrast photographic or graphic image via transparency film directly onto metal. Using a mordant (acid), such as ferric chloride, images are etched onto the surface of copper and brass. The etched plate can then be altered by piercing, patination, enameling, or used as a printing plate.  

A second Salt Water Etching system will be demonstrated and employed using a small battery.  

There will be ample time for exploration and creativity.  A laser printer will be available for the transfers.  More about the technique


This is an excellent class for printmakers or photographers who wish to expand their artistic palette.  Appropriate for all skill levels.


Students will be supplied with a list of items to bring.

A supply kit of $95 for consumables and etching supplies will be collected at the first meeting.

Ariel Landscape Texture
A metal sculpture of a birdhouse with etched surface textures

Surface Design for Metalsmiths
1 to 3 Day Workshop

Metal may be etched, roller printed, or textured with hammers. Metal mashed onto concrete creates textures and layers by adding depth and intrigue beyond the highly polished surface.


In this workshop, we will learn acid etching with ferric chloride and ferric nitrate, electro etching with salt, distress standard hardware hammers, and push the limits of what a rolling mill can do. We will look at pattern, text, and patina, adding a personal narrative to your work. We will build metal samples and a library allowing you to mix and match patterns and designs to help develop your unique voice in approaching metal fabrication. Read about photo etching


Students document each piece with metal type, texture, and tool used. Using cold connections, students will add a personalized metal applique onto a book cover. 

Open to all levels. Material Fee: $95

Geometric etched surface texture on patinated copper

Make a Ring(z)
1 Day

Starting with a simple soldered brass band ring, students will learn the basics of measuring, sawing, and shaping your call. We will introduce a rolling mill for texturing and hammers for making a decorative impression.


The final ring is a sterling silver spinning ring to help us learn the process of convex and concave forms. Students will learn how to make good solder seams and polishing fundamentals with a buffing machine and a tumbler.


Open to all levels. Material Fee: $50


Make a Stone Set Ring(z)
1 Day

Progressing from a simple band ring, students will learn to solder a fine silver bezel, learn measuring and set a stone of their choosing. 
Using arcane practices from Native American Silversmiths, a triple band soldered to a base employs more deft soldering skills. A simple tube setting for faceted stones is another option for a set stone. 


Pre-Requisite: comfortable with a torch, Beginning Jewelry or the Make a Ring(z) class.


Material Fee: $50. Stone included. Additional Stones can be purchased separately.

Making the Most of your Flex Shaft
2 Day Workshop

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for anyone using a flex shaft to de-mystify the motor, accessories, and proper maintenance. Along with the companion book of the same name, students attending this workshop can thumb through supply catalogs armed with the knowledge of making the right choices for their work.  


Learn about your flexible shaft and the magic it can do. Unsure which flex shaft to purchase or how to maintain it for optimum efficiency?  Learn what handpiece is best for the work you do. We will drill beach glass, score and bend metal, and learn how to polish correctly. We will look at different burs, when to use them, and for what applications.  


This is an information-packed day filled with all kinds of tips for you to take back to your studio. Students are encouraged to bring any work in progress for one on one consulting on solutions using the flex-shaft.


Day 1:  Overview of motor options, foot pedals, and handpieces. Demonstrations will be given with stone setting burs, specialty bars, and diamond bits for drilling stones and glass. After each demonstration, students will have the opportunity to work independently.

Day 2:  Overview of the micro-motor, reciprocating, and quick-change handpieces. Demonstrations will be given on abrasives, polishing options, finishing techniques, and bench tricks to augment their work. 
Each student can purchase a Flex-shaft kit for $95 includes abrasive wheels,s tone cutting burs, drill bits, polishing wheels, polish, and more.

Introduction to Argentium Silver
2 Day Workshop

Argentium silver is a unique alloy which is tarnish resistant and requires very little soldering. With the addition of Germanium to the usual copper and fine silver, Argentium allows most connections to be fused- which opens up attaching gold, sterling and Argentium.


In this workshop, students will fabricate:

  • decorative fusing exercises with wire and sheet

  • three individual fused rings which are fused together

  • a pair of earrings

  • a decorative band ring with fused elements


Gold will be provided, included in the workshop fee, to fuse decorative and precious elements to the metal. 

All levels are welcome. Material Fee: $95

Two circular argentium pendant earrings with gold details

Thai Metal Chasing: Introductory Level
1 Day Workshop

Learn the arcane and tactile art of Thai Metal Chasing and Repousse. The Thai use specialized chasing tools to hammer lines and textures to build a simple but beautiful decorative panel with aluminum. Chasing is a repetitive process where precisely directed hammer blows with special tools onto a paper design.


Armed with your hammer and three specialized chasing tools, students will experience a process that Thai families and Buddhist monks have been fabricating for generations. At the start of class, a short photo presentation will be given to show the beautiful metal work of Wat Sri Suphan Temple in Chiang Mai.

Open to all levels. The material kit is $45, payable at the start of the class.

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