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A Visit with Maggie Schpak

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Jewelry of Star Trek series

I originally was introduced to Maggie Schpak at a Star Trek convention in 2015, as I began research for my upcoming book on "The Jewelry of Star Trek".

Over several years, Maggie and I became friends. I spent many hours at her studio in Glendale as she walked me around her vast collection of movie memorabilia. In a taped interview, I was fascinated to hear her history and the process of making iconic jewelry pieces, like Sarek’s huge resin-jeweled breastplate and related costume pieces for the Vulcan guards.

Maggie Schpak in her Glendale studio

Maggie’s other design and fabrication work included making and designing every police, FBI (think Mulder and Scully), CIA, NSA, Marshall, etc. badge in the US. ...Literally, Maggie made all of them for years. She also created all the jewelry for Michael Jackson in most of his touring and performing career. Truly an accomplished fixture of Hollywood with a lot of stories to tell.

See an extensive interview with Maggie Schpak in her studio in the video below.

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