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Hand holding a titanium soldering pick

A fully functional ErgoLast Soldering Pick is lightweight, sturdy and superior. 

  • Its unique slender design allows the user to hold the pick like a pencil, drop tiny solder balls, directly to their destination.
  • Solder WILL NOT stick to titanium
  • The end twist allows for quick pickups from a flat surface
  • Got a pesky bezel that won't settle down? The paddle at the end can gently hold it down.


Fabricated from 16 ga aerospace grade titanium, there is no heat transfer from pick to hand. Solder does NOT transfer onto titanium but rather floats on a pool of flux. Cleanup is easy. Plunk your pick into the pickle for a quick cleanup, as it is inert to sodium bisulfate.

ErgoLast Titanium Solder Pik

  • KarenMakes tools are 100% refundable. You don't like, you don't keep. 

    Try not to overheat your pick to a greater temperature than your solder. It's the flux that holds solder, not the pick. The tip is easily modified on a grinder to your specifications. Ok to pickle your pick!

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