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Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2023

Updated: May 8

Jewelry of Star Trek series

My first trips to the Star Trek Convention were in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The costumes, actors, lectures and cool SWAG in the Vendor Room provided an immersive environment in the world of Star Trek.

In August 2023, I returned to a different energy, as was sold to CBS/Paramount. Still, the costumes and stories of fans was inspiring and I remember how much I loved the beloved characters like Michael Dorn who played WORF, whose wedding crown was made by Maggie in Deep Space Nine.

Three costumes stood out that were made by fans, who during COVID had a lot of time on their hands. The first was a completely crocheted Klingon. “Annie” said she took one year to fabricate the costume and three miles of yarn.

“Bob” was another COVID maker, using his time to learn to sew via YouTube and create Scotty’s famous engineering jump suit.

“Alice” funneled her creativity in a cage being held by a largish gorilla. I’m sorry to say I did not wear a costume, but did sport my IDIC pin. I loved being there and will head back next August.

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