• Karen Christians


A referral to a jewelry manufacturing auction in Attleboro, MA, for 300 pewter spin casting molds some how found their way into my car. What on earth would I do with all these molds? Part of me wanted to protect their integrity and sell them piecemeal as decorative objects as grace notes of my trade.

Dreams are funny things. The night they were all tucked away in storage, I had a prophetic dream of all the molds installed on walls and watching thousands of pieces of jewelry like a huge bird swarm move around the room. I knew at once what to do.


Loading Dock Gallery

122 Western Avenue

Lowell, MA

Show: SPIN

Show dates: August 31-September 25, 2022

Reception: September 3, 2022, 3-5pm

Karen Christians and the Loading Dock Gallery present SPIN: a gridded installation of 350 circular spin casting molds. Over 2000 pewter castings spill across the walls, mimicking the murmuration of birds. At once structured and swirling, SPIN invites contemplation of pattern and change in our manufactured and natural worlds.

Once used in local manufacturing, spin casting molds were auctioned off as jewelry production moved overseas. SPIN transforms these relics into commentary and art. Christians received her BFA in Metals from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

“One of the great lessons from MassArt was not just how you make one piece, but where does it live in space and context.” In SPIN, flashes of gold leaf reference the precious. Imagery and text evoke New England’s industrial past.

SPIN runs August 31 through September 25 at Loading Dock Gallery, 122 Western Avenue, Lowell, MA.

Open noon-5:30 pm, Wednesday-Saturday; noon-4 pm Sundays.

Reception 3-5 pm, Saturday, September 3, during Western Avenue Studios’ open house, noon-5 pm.

For details, visit

Loading Dock Gallery is part of Loading Dock Arts, Inc., a 501c3.

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