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Growing a Diamond

Updated: May 8

Closeup of a gold ring with red damond, with a photo of Larry Harvey in the background

In October 2021, I was privileged to present a ring for sale at the Burning Man Sotheby’s Auction highlighting a unique lab-grown from the 2011 Temple of Transition from the Rites of Passage theme. What, you can grow a diamond? Yes. I worked with a wonderful company, Eterneva, which specializes in diamonds grown from cremation ashes. The process requires adding carbon to the ashes, which is purified. I proposed to use just ashes from Burning Man’s Temple of Transition. Thus, I built the first Event-Specific Diamond, with only carbon. The process was started in February 2022 and took nearly a year. The final ring photo will be revealed in my following newsletter. Stay tuned!

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