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Karen Christians is a jewelry educator, maker, and writer in the metal arts,  teaching and lecturing nationally. She is the author of two books: Making the Most of Your Flex-Shaft, and The Jewelry of Burning Man.

Talk: Making in Chiang Mai

When: Tuesday, April 11
Time: 6:00 to 7:30
Reception at 7:30-8.
Where: Lowell Makes,

130 Western Avenue, Lowell MA
Free to the public!

Karen Christians has been traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 4 month stays for over three years. Making in Thailand is integrated in the Thai culture from traditional Thai Chasing and Repoussé at the Silver Temple, exquisite wood carving in Bawantai, traditional Northern Thai cuisine, Karen Hill Tribe Silver jewelry, and Celedon pottery to contemporary ceramics and lacquer wooden bowls, to advances in EV technology at a Makerspace Thailand. Making is a way of life. 

Join Christians to learn about Chiang Mai Design Week, which for seven days explores excellence in individual contemporary craft to unique advances in architecture and home design, celebrated throughout the entire city. Opportunities are open for everyone to learn and explore in this unique city. 

Lessons Available

for all skill levels- In my Lowell studio, or I am available to teach group workshops at other locations.

Pre-register for spring sessions here, or contact me to book a workshop event for your site.

The Jewelry


From the community that gathers in the desert every year to make, burn and share art, this is a celebration of the stunning jewelry of Burning Man.

From Dust to Diamonds

Karen's Burning Man Ring Story


A life change, a unique community full of makers, the unexpected, and inspiration...

Your Soldering Sanctuary

Free Digital Download


Fully-illustrated guide to setting up a safe and sustaining jewelry working space: Pro tips for choosing the right tools, equipment choice and operation, and space setup. Could save you thousands while kickstarting your own jewelry making space.




ErgoLast Titanium Solder Pik


Lightweight, sturdy, solder will not stick!

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